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Nina Vinters Nagrazhdennaja Komissija for the Sculpture of One million dollars of the Quarter

What does Clearwater, Florida and New Ipswich, New Hampshire has together? The attention the worthy sculptor, Nina Vinters is indisputable.
New and important arrival of the world of art was revealed aesthetic scientists for its monumental sculptures.
It is international the taken away sculptor just has won 1/4 commission for one million dollars in the state of Nevada. The project for named “Agitation” of a sculpture of 10 foots in height.
I had a pleasure of interviewing of Nina and reception of personal rounds through its studios.
This article is the first of three among about the recent main commissions the sculptor.
When I have asked, that Nina has told to me about this recent commission, she has told, “Though this sculpture – basically the adherent of minimalism, I have given a great attention to details. Reach of hands in the sky reflects my philosophy which the person can be and make much more than to that he is conducted to trust.”
The sculpture will be the main central part of the main new complex for 2 billion dollars. Development will break the basis in June-July 2007.
The real scale of its latest work, ‘ Agitations ‘, and environment in which it will be established, is components in creation of visual excitement for the spectator.
During round on its beautiful coastal studio in Clearwater, Florida, I have asked Nina why she wished to work in bronze. She has explained, “I create human emotions, hopes and trues and I do them in bronze. I want, that they have lasted during time.”
I travelled on the north and have met Nina in its self-constructed studio in woods of New Hampshire, I have been intrigued by the obligation of ecologically inclined sculptor to our planet and physical, emotional and spiritual health of the people of our planet.
It has shown to me more than 40 sculptures which she has created which were ready to be increased to monumental proportions.
She spoke easily about its feelings. “Even in my first years, I knew that we should co-operate to change the world. I have begun, trying my forces in construction of ecological studio/house in woods. I have constructed the house by means of several friends and still to use it letami. Rather simply to use a solar energy, and we have constructed the house with only chain saw and the big work.”
It continued, “As I grew in height as the artist, I wished to mention more people positively. I try to fill the work as such big emotion that it will follow from me in bronze and to communicate in other end to the spectator.”
I have asked, why she has decided to make the works big. She has answered, “My work has been bought by many collector, but I still felt requirement to make monumental works which will be noticed hundreds thousand people. I am excited that it happens.”
Work in its studios – actually obsession. Its work is big both visually and emotionally. Its sculptures delegate the heroic power and excitement of human potential.
Among its clients corporate officials from Paine Webber, Group Uoll Strit and Hirema Walker. Its work is in the main collections in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and England, and it is in private collections of many celebrities including musicians, manufacturers of music, arrangers and producers.
Its bronze work has been shown in the Main film, “Kiss Girls” Morgan Frimen in a leading role and Eshli Judd.
It has been awarded with compensations for the superiority in sculptural concept and the project.
All its sculptures can be authorised in any size and are unique decisions for the house, corporate and architecture of hotel.
It also influences a new monumental sculpture in Clearwater which will be established nearby its southern studio in development on in local scale favourite “Trace Pinellas”, long struggled for bicycle sports, running and a trace going for a drive on the roller fads which connects many of the next areas.

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